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Pattern Type:
**New**- New patterns
*Accessories*- Bags and Home
*Baby*- Blankets
*Crochet*- Crochet patterns
*Hats and Gloves*- Miscellaneous
*Jackets*- Cardigans and Vest
*Kids*- Kids clothing
*Menswear*- Men
*Shawls*- Scarves
*Skirts*- Skirts
*Socks*- Cotton And Corn Socks No Wool
*Summer*- Summer Sweaters
*Sweaters*- Summer and Winter Sweaters
*Winter*- Fall and Winter Sweaters
Type of Yarn:
1/2 N 1/2 Flame'- Milk & Wool yarn
Corntastic- Corn Yarn
Creamy Flame'- Milk & Cotton yarn
Delightful- Mohair & Metallic yarns
Fantastic- Merino Wool yarn
Glisten- Alpaca & Mulberry Silk Yarn
Happiness- 100% Fine Super-Wash Merino Wool
Lofty- Merino Wool Roving yarn
Milky Whey- Milk & Soy yarn
Riveting Sport- Recycled Blue Jean yarn
Riveting Worsted- Recycled Blue Jean yarn
Sock-a-licious- Superwash Merino, Silk & Nylon yarn
Solace- Alpaca & Mulberry Silk yarn
Toasty- 100% Icelandic Wool
Whimsy- Mohair & Wool yarn

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